No See Um Screen

Tiny Insects, Big Protection: No-See-Um Screens for a Bug-Free Environment.

Low Country Screening Provides Ultimate Mesh Protection: No-See-Um Screens for Peaceful, Insect-Free Living

No-See-Um screens are designed to protect against tiny flying insects such as no-see-ums, gnats, sand flies, and other minuscule pests. These screens are made from a finer mesh material, typically referred to as 20-by-20 mesh or 20×20 mesh. The primary materials used for No-See-Um screens include fiberglass, aluminum, or vinyl-coated polyester, offering durability and effectiveness in keeping out small insects.

Innovative No-See-Um Screens: Because You Deserve a Bug-Free Home

The No-See-Um screens are particularly suited for areas with low marshy and coastal environments like the Grand Strand, where such tiny insects are prevalent. The screens made from fiberglass mesh are specifically engineered to offer a balance between keeping out the smallest of insects while still allowing for good ventilation and visibility. This is achieved through a slightly tighter woven mesh design. Despite the density of the weave, these screens ensure that air circulation and visibility are not significantly hindered.

Say Goodbye to Gnats and No-See-Ums with Our Advanced Screening Solution

No-See-Um screen products, like the Tuff No-See-Um Screen, are enhanced with Microban product protection technology, providing an added layer of bacterial protection. However, it’s important to note that not all 20×20 No-See-Um screens include this feature.

In terms of durability, these screens are designed to withstand strong winds and various weather conditions, making them a reliable choice for different environments. The precision woven fiberglass material used in some of these screens also ensures lasting color, flexibility, and an enhanced aesthetic appeal for the area where they are installed